What’s Your Orgasm Face?

A lot has been said about the crazy, intense, funny or scary faces that people make when they are having an orgasm. It usually mentioned as a joke, but I have to tell you, one of things that is very hot to me is the look on a woman’s face when she cums. It’s a state of not being in control and hopefully a state that I brought her too.

I love to look at a woman’s face when she is getting off and getting hot or even just getting into it. But as a side note, when it comes to porn, I HATE when the women look at the camera. Someone thinks that guys like that and I hate it. At least ACT like you’re into it with the person you’re fucking!

Anyhow, back to expressions. It ranks up there for me along side the sounds and verbalization thatΒ a woman makes. I love a loud to very loud woman in bed (or wherever) and I love a woman who likes talking dirty too.

Anyhow, I thought I would do something I haven’t done a lot of and that’s post pictures as the main part of my post. Here are some orgasm expressions that I think are super hot! I tried to avoid porn star shots…while they definitely cover all the expressions, I was hoping to show people who looked somewhat real. I’d love to hear about your orgasm expressions…are you a lip biter? do you hold your breath? scream? pant uncontrollably? talk a dirty whore? πŸ˜‰ Do tell…

This is probably the hottest one!

This is probably the hottest one!


Very hot...mouth open is important!

Very hot...mouth open is important!


Biting the pillow...so nice!

Biting the pillow...so nice!


A kind of fading away look. Not my favorite.

A kind of fading away look. Not my favorite.


Hair in face, wide open mouth..yes!

Hair in face, wide open mouth..yes!

Holding on...nice touch! And screaming? Oh YEAH!

Holding on...nice touch! And screaming? Oh YEAH!

She's thick and gorgeous

She is thick, busty and gorgeous...great expression!

Okay, one porn shot, but look the intense face! Breathe baby!!!

Okay, one porn shot, but look at the intense face! Breathe baby!!!

And lastly….

No, this is NOT me. But that IS funny!

No, this is NOT me. But that IS funny!

15 responses to “What’s Your Orgasm Face?

  1. Get a room, you two πŸ™‚ Yes, I agree that the first one is the hottest! The open mouth and the breasts make it. As for myself, I don’t know what I look like, but I can tell ya I’m LOUD. At home I try to bite a pillow or something, so as not to wake the kid. I had a male lover once, though, who got complaints from his neighbors about me πŸ™‚ I go back and forth between dominant and submissive, depending upon whether I’m with a man or a woman. The role tends to dictate how much noise I make…as well as the kind of noise. With my husband, it’s more moaning. With a woman, I tend to do more dirty talk. With myself, I make no noise at all πŸ™‚

    • I’, the same except im not bio, I talk dirty but not throughout the whole thing, usually when she’s about to orgasm, at that point I talk sometimes not even dirty with words like you fucking love dont you, to show that I know whats going on and I helped you get there etc I soo much love seing a women orgasm especially multiple, anyway when I masterbate I dont make any noise, mainly because of years of vigourous masterbating and living with family Iv become an expert at controlling my verbal expressions. But when Im alone at home I love to make loud noises

  2. My orgasm face?

    Hmm that’s an interesting one.

    I suppose it would have to be head thrown back, trails of silvery sweat rolling down the arch of my back, legs spread wide, silk covers against my frame. Long hair gripping my face, red rosy lips pulsating with heat from where I had been biting so hard. Eyes bright and skin glowing. Rosy red cheeks and panting slowly, my breath being released in short sharp bursts. Lips apart, lipsgloss smudged down my cheeks. Fingers gripping the silk sheets tightly. Screaming and moaning.

    Knickers on the floor, corset thrown to the side, suspenders around my wrists.


    So talented as always with your words Sir.


  3. erotic – yikes, LOUD is my fav! Altough, would you be loud for meif I watched you masturbate?

    Charlotte, sweet Charlotte -oh-my-fucking-god! Now i just have to find out how to get you to do that with me…

  4. I think I like the one grabbing the headboard best. I’m with you, SWG, nothing turns me on like watching a woman come. And like, eroticego, I’m LOUD and the sounds that come out are very unpredicable. When I was young I used to scream obscenities but I inexplicably quit after a while. The other night I was getting some funky anal loving and I literally screamed…it was so unexpected that I didn’t even think to bury my face in the pillow or something. Good thing the kids and the neighbors didn’t come running!

  5. i guess i will make a comment if i may……..:) i would have to say my orgasm face would be all of these pictures combined with me saying F U C K in a slow mannered, semi loud voice. sometimes i think the more toned down…whispers and moans.. in the ear of your partner is just as sexy as a loud OH GOD.

  6. im a female and i too believe that faces are a very important part of love making. i guess for guys it is cool to see the girls face that way you know you are doing a good job. but really some girls are just good at faking it. sorry boys… it is soooo true. but for me… i love to watch my guys face.. guys just dont know how to fake it. gets me hot just watching the facial expressions so i know im doing a good job.

    and about my orgasim faces.. i really dont know what i do. i know i breathe hard.. and i know i make a lot of noise.. lots of moaning.. and my favorite thing to do is breathe in my guys ear. i guess my faces are good cuz when i make the faces my boy goes CRAZY! πŸ™‚

  7. The one biting a pillow looks remarkably like my ex girlfriend. Maybe it is!!! I think that may be why I like that one best.

  8. I feel like I’ve been searching and asking “what is good in life”. Some people think they find it in books, in music, in drugs, in sex.
    All I know is the happiest time of my life was when I met someone I thought I loved and didn’t know why.
    I was young and shy and stupid, but I’ve followed the trail, and like any dog, I’m smelling something good. But I’m making very sure that it’s what SHE wants too. (Don’t want to start sniffing her crotch before she’s ready, her happiness is just as important as mine).

    I feel this page exists to remind me of what I’m searching for, to make her as happy as I can. So that afterwards, she says thank you, and maybe. JUST MAYBE, after that – life will get a little easier than it was before.

    I send these words anonymously for I am just one man, following one woman, when I find here, I will tell a third what I found. (I hope you are on the same journey)

    One thing I thank you for reminding me, is, at no point do I want her to cry, or remember why she cried, I want her to laugh, and KNOW WHY she’s laughing. One day, we will climax together, and hopefully, then we’ll live our lives happily together after that, because then we can achieve anything together.

    If anyone is still reading, this is for you. I met her at 14, too soon, my friend got married, and I realized what I wanted.

    Once I realized how much I wanted her, no mountain is too high to climb given time, hopefully as I get closer to the top it will get easier rather than harder. Right now I am 21, and I’ve never been more alive, but BOY, does she tire me out, and that’s good thing, mean’s I’m exercising SOMETHING and I really need to shape up for her.

    Peace and love.

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