First Christmas Party

Before I begin this story, I just need to say that I cannot believe I haven’t posted a story since February. 2012 kicked my ass I guess. I need to ramp it up! This will be my pre-new year’s resolution I guess.

I’ve only been with my new company since last December, so I missed the Christmas partying last year. This year, I received two invites; the typical bring your spouse invite and the one that RECOMMENDED you come alone. It may be hard to believe, if you have read many of my past posts, that I have actually been on the nice list my first year with this company. But JUST as these party invites began to circulate, the ‘naughty’ began to kick in…with someone specific.

She is in her mid-40’s, shorter than me (which is saying something actually), has lonnnng black hair and has toned her tight little body this past year that has really caused me to do some toning of my own…not to mention getting me stirring in my pants as I see her walk down the hall. I notice other things about her, like her crystal green eyes that are such a contrast to her stark black hair. Her neck. Whew…I begin to get hard if I stare too long. I have been aching to run my lips and tongue along the length of her neck. And of course, her well proportioned, yet round ass and breasts.

The flirting started in an email (of course) after a comment our boss made to her in a meeting. He joked about buying a woman’s love and that he could buy hers. She defiantly disagreed and said, “Oh noooo you couldn’t!”. Well, after exchanging a couple of emails about the ‘no spouse party’, we had an email exchange that looked like this:

ME: Wanna go to the party as my date? ūüėČ

HER: You could always BUY my love, right?!

ME: I guess I could, but I know how to EARN it!!!

HER: And that is SO much more fun than buying it!!!!!!

ME: Let the fun commence!

HER: It already has!

To me, that was the fucking green light! And trust me, I’m a pretty clueless guy…I¬†usually¬†need a woman to hit me over the heard WITH the sign for me to “get it”.

Since then, there have been a few other email exchanges, way more flirty. One was even on a Saturday night while she was out drinking with a girlfriend and I was CONVINCED that if I could have snuck out of the house that night, she would have fucked me then. But, I didn’t. Had to make it through one more torturous week until the party.

We stopped on our way to the party to tip a few back and get nice and relaxed…or worked up. We made sure it was a small, dark dive kind of bar so we could inconspicuously be affectionate.

It didn’t take long for that affection to kick in. Her hand slid up my leg under the small corner table. She strategically grabbed my inner thigh, next to my cock. It almost seemed to force me to lean in and kiss her for the first time. A soft, sensuous kiss at first, that turned deeper, wetter and hotter after I reached up and gently grabbed the base of her hair behind her head. Instantly my cock reacted, growing in my pants, forcing itself against her fingers that grip my thigh.

Coming up for air, staring into each others eyes, we weren’t sure we would even make it to the party. But since it was at a Marriott, we thought we should make an appearance and then go to my room. Oh, did I forget to mention my pre-planning and foresight? I reserved a room at the hotel of the party. I CAN be smart when my little head is leading the charge!

Once dinner was over at the party and we are quite intoxicated, I reached under the table and handed her a room key. Then I got up and left to go to the room. The first thing I do is strip down and get in the shower.

A few minutes pass and I hear “Hello??”. “I’m in here!” I yell out. Then I hear a much closer voice, “You’re in the shower?” she asks. I peek out from behind the curtain, “And you need to be too!” She excited strips off her clothes and gets in. I help her in and immediately pull her to my lathered up body and kiss her deeply.

showerI’m already rock hard at this point, so my soapy cock is sliding up against her stomach. She moans deep into my mouth as her nails rake down my back and over my ass, gripping it tightly. By now, the soap had all rinsed off. The water beating against my back. She pushes me back slightly and kneels in front of me, keeping eye contact with me as she takes my throbbing cock in her hands. My breathing quickens and as she gently strokes my wet cock and licks her lips before closing her eyes, opening her mouth and guiding me into her mouth as deep as she can. “OH FUCK!” I exclaim as I reach up and grab the wall and shower curtain. She slowly and masterfully devours my cock, swirling her tongue around it as she pulls it out, painting the underside of my head causing me to twitch in excitement. She obviously enjoys this, reveling in the pleasure and torture she is causing me as she teases my cock with her tongue, changes her pace, shoves me down her throat and occasionally stops to look up and me and stroke.

I look down at her and tell her to be careful, she just might get payback (with a grin of course). “Bring it on!” she growls with her own big grin. I pull her up to her feet and kiss her again before turning her around and pressing against her backside. Moving her long, black, wet hair aside, I kiss the back of her neck while she pushes back against my cock and moans. My hands run up her stomach to her tits, cupping them and gently pinching her hard nipples gently.

I start to kiss my way down her back. The lower I get, the more water hits her directly. And the lower I get, the more I guide her to bend over until she has to reach out and hold the wall. At the nape of her as I begin to lick down the crack her ass, as I kneel behind her and let my hands glide over her front side, all the way down to her hips and ass cheeks, spreading them apart. She let’s out a high pitch yelp as my tongue slides over her as and my hands part her cheeks further. She arches her back and spreads her feet a little farther. My hands push upward a bit and both of those things expose her delicious pussy to me. My tongue glides down on the outside of her lips – down one side and up the other. Her hips are writhing in excitement as I just let the tip of my nose nestle between her moist lips.

“Holy Fuck! Is this the payback you were talking about?” she asks nearly out of breath from anticipation. I just nod as I push my tongue between her lips, causing it to go up and down with the nod. She let’s out a low, throaty scream, “Ohhhhhhh!” Her heat and moistness…and smell are such a turn on! I shove my tongue as far into her as I can burying my face into her from behind, sliding my tongue in and out and down to her clit. Feverishly flicking her clit with my hands pushing her up onto her tippy toes. Her legs begins to shake. She’s pushing hard against my face. Against my tongue. Almost sitting down on me. My neck hurts from the pressure and the angle. But I don’t get a shit. She is grinding her clit down and back against my tongue. “RIGHT THERE!” she yells. Jerking and shaking. “I’m cumming!!!!!!” Grabbing her hips so tight to make sure she doesn’t fall as she explodes on my face, in my mouth. Panting, moaning, whimpering as she let’s it all go.

Both of us out of breath.

I make sure I keep¬†a hold¬†of her as I get up, turning her around and kissing her. “Turn off the water” she whispers in a breathy voice as she catches her breath. I do. She takes my hand and guides me out of the shower. We’re both dripping. She pulls my hand, like a leash on a dog and kind of whips to the bed as we leave a wet trail. She pushes me down on the bed. I lay there, feet still on the ground, back flat on the bed. And yes, cock throbbing and sticking straight up.

She waists no time, pushing my legs apart and turning around. She instructs me to scoot down a bit so I am more on my feet and pushing myself back against the edge of the bed. This causes me to almost be standing, my cock stick at an upward angle, but low enough for her back her ass up, grabbing my cock and guiding it into her drenched, fiery pussy. I hold onto the bed behind me, almost pinned back and she drives her pussy back and down onto my cock. We both scream aloud!

On her feet, facing away from me, she grabs my legs and proceeds to fuck me HARD! Our wet skin slapping together as she lands against me with every harsh thrust. Her wet, black hair whipping around,¬†occasionally¬†hitting when her head whips backward. I think she and I both knew I couldn’t hold this position very long, but we also both knew I couldn’t hold my cum either. All it took was her saying “FUCK ME HARD BABY!!!!” and that pretty much did it! “I’m gonna cum!!!” I yell as I feel my body start to practically convulse in pleasure. I pull out of her and grab my cock, moaning so loud as I shoot stream after stream of hot, sticking cum all over her ass and lower back.

Both of us collapse onto the floor.

Both of out of breath. Shaking.

Both of us, tangled together.

“Now THAT is earning it!” she says to me with an evil grin.

Super Bowl Winning Drive

The neighborhood has a tradition of super bowl parties and this year was no different. We alternate houses every year and everyone enjoys trying to do something a little different then past parties.

As with many super bowl parties, a lot of the women enjoy the socializing (and the commercials) more than the game. But there is an exception. One neighborhood wife is from NY and she is a major Giants fan. She had every intention of watching this game very closely! In fact, she swore that if things got too loud at the party or the game was too intense, she was going home across the street to watch the rest of the game…by herself!

And as with most super bowl parties, the amount of alcohol consumed was enormous, which led to a very loud and not that ‘focused on football’ crowd. So just after halftime, she disappeared without saying a word to anyone. But I noticed she was gone pretty quickly. How could I not? She’s gorgeous! Straight, short jet black hair, olive skin, about 5’5′” and thick, voluptuous build including HUGE TITS! I’ve watched her closely every chance I’ve had in the neighborhood and had many of flirting sessions that made me masturbate with her clearly in mind! In fact, this photo was taken at a recent party!

As the 2nd half started, I decided to sneak out and head to her house to check on her. I know she wanted to watch the game, and so did I, but I also wanted to make sure she wasn’t pissed off. After all, it was me hosting the party this year.

I slipped out and walked down the street. Their garage was open, so I used that door to go in since it’s usually unlocked. I wasn’t going to be surprising her since they have an alarm that beeps when you open a door. But as soon as I opened the door, I heard the game on and soon after that, “Hello??” from her voice. I immediately said, “Hey, it’s just me…checkin’ on you” as I walked into her living room.

“Oh, hey you!” she replied with a grin. “I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get out of there to watch. I warned ’em!” she finished with a laugh. I laughed with her. I told her I knew she was serious. But I didn’t want her to be upset…or lonely. “You’re so fuckin’ sweet! Always a pleaser, huh?” as she took a swig of her beer. “Um, more than you know…” I replied. She stopped for a moment and looked up at me.

“Come on, sit with me and watch” she¬† said warmly. We joked and flirted and watched the game. I noticed as the game was getting closer to the end and was so tight in the score, she was getting more and more worked up. I could see her nipples piercing through her tight pink sweater. Which, by the way, accompanied her skin tight jeans.

A few times she grabbed me during exciting plays in the 2nd half. A few times on the thigh, very close to ground zero. And it had made the tower rise, if you know what I mean. Both of us had erections you could say and when the Giants intercepted the ball, we both stood up (and out) and she hugged me tight. Of course she could feel my cock pressing against her. She immediately planted her mouth on mine, kissing me vigorously. My hands grabbed that sweater, sliding up under it and up her back as our tongues lashed in and out of each others mouths.

Stopping momentarily, breathing so hard, we looked at each other and both looked at the TV. The giants were driving down the field, down by two…with just minutes left. She wanted to watch it so bad. “I know exactly what to do” I said with excitement in my voice. I cleared the coffee table, leaving the large soft rug. Told her to get naked! I did the same. I put her on all fours facing the TV and knelt behind her, my hands running down her shoulders, back and sides. My cock laying on her ass as my hands glide under her to her large breasts, grabbing her nipples and pinching them gently. She’s panting and moaning as her eyes remain glued to the TV.

As the clocked ticked, I reached down and grabbed my cock, spreading her soaked pussy lips apart with the head. “Oh, fuck yeah, put it in me, please!” she demands. I happily oblige and guide my aching hard cock into her pulsating pussy. Just as my head gets in, I let go of my cock and bring my torso upright, grabbing her hips with both hands and grinding my hips slowing, just letting my head move around just inside her hole. “FUCK ME!!!” she screams…and with that I drive my cock into her hard, shoving her forward onto her chest and elbows. “AHHHHHHHHGRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! YEAH FUCK!” she screams again, now chest down, hips up high. I start to fuck her with long, deep thrusts, pounding my cock into her harder every time.

I move my eyes from the sight of my cock impaling her cunt to her head propped up high, knowing she is watching the final drive of the super bowl and the game itself. The Giants are on the 6 yard line and she’s panting, moaning and screaming as I tear her pussy up with fast, hard thrusts of my cock deep into her from behind. They hand it off to Bradshaw, who sees an opening,….she SCREAMS EXTRA LOUD as he scores a touchdown, “YES!!!!! CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!” Giants score. So does she. I can feel that pussy grab on tight and her body convulse as she loses it all over my cock.

We actually stay just like that…in that position…me still hard as a rock inside of her. Panting, not looking way from the TV. As the Patriots get ready for their final play of the game. “Oh fuck” she murmurs in a worried tone. “Here’s the deal” she says to me without even looking back at me.¬† If the Patriots win this on the last play…you leave immediately. If they don’t score and the Giants win…

“Shove the fucking cock in my ass!”


Without saying a word, I start to massage her asshole with my thumb and glide my soaking cock out of her and up her crack, lubricating her ass with her own juices and cum that cover my cock.

Tom Brady drops back. Almost sacked. I’m thinking, fuck yeah, I’m about to go to town…and then he escapes the rush. I’m thinking, DAMMIT! He finds time. He releases the ball. 50 yards. All the way into the end zone…FULL of players.


The ball hits the ground.

My balls hit her. My cock penetrates her warm, tight ass….deep, slow…all the way in. She screams again. So do I.

Up onto my feet, pushing my cock in and out of her ass as her arms spread out wide now, off her elbows, grabbing the rug as sounds of pain and pleasure escape her. I start to feel flush all over. That ass so tight on my cock. So deep into her canal. I can’t hold it any longer. I tense up. Push one more time, then another. “FUCK YES, I’M CUMMING!!!!”


Shaking and twitching as spurts of hot cum shoot into her ass, pulling it out so the last drops fall onto her ass and mix as the cum oozes out of her.

[knock, knock, knock]

Voice from outside. “Did you lock it!? They fuckin’ won! Let me in!!!”

Her husband…running over from the party…to celebrate the win with his Giant fan wife.

Time to escape…

Now I just have to hope she’s a basketball fan too!

If images are driving traffic, then here…

It’s pretty neat that WordPress gives you site statistics. And it’s interesting that most of the visitors to this blog originate from searching for images of sex. I get it. I do it too. And have. A lot!

And maybe, if I’m lucky, people will notice there are stories to be read on here even if they find it because of an image or images.

But for now, why not feed the beast!

Here are some black and white images that I found online that I want to share. I am in love the crisp close up shots. You can almost taste it, can’t you?

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Detour, Napa

As in many companies, and even socially, instant messaging has become a popular way of communicating. And for someone like me, that spent HOURS upon HOURS chatting online when it FIRST became available back in the 90’s…late into the night for many, many nights, I love IM.

Of course, those many hours and many nights were spent chatting about sex. I took pride in not just enjoying being an anonymous perv, but also being a good wordsmith and impressing the right woman in a private chat after meeting in some dirty chat room. And if I was really lucky, that turned into phone sex…and it did quite often. At least that comforted me in knowing it wasn’t a guy I was chatting with!

Anyhow, I digress.

I find it much easier to flirt over an IM, as most people probably do, and I got very excited when I would find someone at work, who was willing to partake in a little off color back and forth. And trust me, in a work environment, you have to be VERY careful and always let them lead the way so you don’t go to far with your comments or too far too fast. I found a few women at this particular job that turned into some great real life experiences. Well, two of three did. Why I didn’t jump on the third, I’ll never fucking know…because she was ripe for the taking. She basically was offering herself up to me and I didn’t do it. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad! ūüėČ

This particular woman was a surprise to me because I really hadn’t thought she even looked at me in that light (not that I think most women do, but…). We innocently exchanged some funnies back and forth as we flirted and something slipped out a little more serious about kissing one day. If I remember correctly, we got on the conversation of kissing. Describing what goes into a good kiss, if we thought were each good kissers (of course we both thought we were good), etc. And so, what good is talk if we didn’t test each other, right? Nothing like “prove it to me” to get you moving!

So, she came into my office and shut the door. I always kept the blinds closed, that way there was only one thing to close and it looked less suspicious. Without saying a word, I stood up, walked up to her and pinned her against the back of the door. She gasped. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and the stirring in my pants. I slid my hand up her side and up along her face and then around to the back of her neck, pushing her long, straight blonde hair back, grabbing her by the base of her hair firmly but not too hard. While I pressed my body against hers, staring into her eyes, I pulled her head toward me and lips onto mine. Turning my head slightly, opposite of hers, and as I saw her eyes close, so did mine. Our lips pressing against each other. Our mouths just barely open, she moans and lets out a big breath before we both slide our tongues together and lock our lips. Both of us with full, soft lips and warm, wet tongues. We kissed with a gentleness at first and as I grasped her hair and neck a bit firmer (and as my cock grew firmer), we kissed harder and more feverishly.

As I pulled back slowly, our lips sticking together before giving way, both of us breathing hard. She leaned her forehead against mine and said through her whispery breath, “you were right!” and I immediately replied, “and YOU were right!”

Needless to say, we had this encounter quite a few times in my office and in other places we could escape to. And also needless to say, our IM conversations QUICKLY became hotter, raunchier, more graphic and it wasn’t long before we were working on plans to take this to the next level. To THE level. We needed to fuck each other BADLY! One thing I could not convince her to do was to do it right there in my office. She was too afraid of getting caught. As much as I wanted to tell her that I hadn’t been caught before (with another), I didn’t want to ruin my shot of having her at all.

While we spent many days racking our brains about it…since she was married and I was living with someone, I finally saw an opening. I had the fortune of being chosen to tour a new cruise ship since I worked in a marketing capacity for a travel company. I was going to fly to San Fransisco and spend two nights on the ship – alone. I thought it would be perfect for her to go with me. But the problem with that was I was not allowed to bring a guest and I would have had to convince the company to send her with me. That was NOT going to happen!

So, my plan was to go on the trip (or at least the flight to SF), have her fly there too and instead of going on the ship, rent a car, head to Napa Valley, get a room and BINGO! We could go on wine tours, get toasted and fuck, suck and scream for two days! It was just crazy enough to work. And it did!

We got to Napa mid-day and believe or not, we did go to lunch first. Remarkable, I know. After checking into our room though, there was no more waiting. No more planning, wishing or scheming.

While that first time together WAS great…I want to detail one of the evenings we had. We ate a romantic dinner at a Chop House and shared a couple of bottles of wine. Of course dinner consisted of plenty of flirting, touching and teasing. Back at the hotel, we sat in the car before going in and did what started all this (kissing) long enough to heavily steam up the windows. I knew that was the sign to get inside.

Once there, she immediately starts to remove her clothing, but I stop her and lay her down on the bed. I remain standing and grab her left leg, lifting it up to remove her black high heel. Then the other leg and heel. She squirms as she watches me through drunk eyes. I step closer and bring her right leg against me and hold her foot right in front me, my breath against it. I lean down and start to lick her toes before sucking each one slowly into my mouth. One at a time. Her low groans and gasps of this unexpected move tells me she loves it. I suck, nibble my way form one toe to the next and from one foot to the other.

She’s wearing a black miniskirt, giving me easy access to move From her foot and up her leg, although, technically, I am licking, nibbling and sucking my way DOWN the back of her leg with her foot up in the air. I grab both of her legs, holding them up as I work my way down, eventually kneeling on the floor at the edge of the bed. She has already wedged her skirt up, exposing the very large wet spot on her pink panties. Her aroma fills my nose as my tongue slides along the edge her panties, along her ass cheek. She grabs her legs and pulls them back and far apart, freeing my hands up. I grab her panties and wad them up together, forcing them tight against her pussy lips, even between them, exposing most of her lips for me to lick. And from her exposed lips, I suck her panties against her soaked, very hot pussy.

Her moans and heavy breathing grow louder. I slide a finger under the panties right into her. She arches her back and yells aloud! Forcing her panties to the side more, I slide a 2nd finger into her tight pussy and she screams, “FUCK!!!” followed by my tongue landing on her aching clit. My fingers curl up slight inside of her and push deep, almost lifting her small ass up as I begin to devour her clit. Her body starts to shake and convulse immediately. Almost completely out of breath, gasping as she tries to yell out to me that she is cumming; almost thrashing as she grabs my hair and head and tenses up completely.

Stops moving. Holding me so tight and still.

No breath.

She collapses, exhaling out with a throaty moan. Her pussy is white with cum, actually throbbing and dripping all over my fingers and face.

“I came so fucking hard!” she whispers as she tries to catch her breath. Followed by, “I need your fucking cock…NOW!” in a not-so-whispery voice. Who am I to not give her such a treat? But how? I think to myself. Mmmm, my favorite position (which I honestly didn’t know the “name” of it until recently)…the reverse cowgirl. Me on my back, her straddling my cock, facing my feet.

I tell her what I want and she immediately obliges. We both strip down completely. I lay back on the bed and she straddles me, facing my feet, guiding my cock into that heaven of a pussy. I moan loud as she pushes herself back and down my throbbing cock. Her perfect, tan ass is a beautiful sight as her pussy eats up my thick cock. She fucked me hard and fast, with a slow grind, leaning all the way forward and leaning all the way back, finding many angles of hitting her deep with my cock.

It was when she told me to spread my legs wide and she knelt between them, bent over, pushing back and down my cock that did me in. She reached down between her legs and mine and played with my ass before sliding a finger into it. My cock almost instantly exploded. She held her finger inside me as she circled her hips and fucked my cock.

My breath quickened, “oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” She pulled out my cock and layed it on the crack her ass, stroking it. My body jerked hard as I let out a loud moan and shot streams of hot cum onto her asshole and up and down her the crack of her ass. She backed herself up my body, so her ass is right over my face and squatted over my mouth, letting my cum drip onto me. I grabbed her ass and pulled it down, licking my hot cum off her asshole and crack. I slipped a finger into her ass and she moaned…

“I bet I can get that cock hard again for THAT hole…”

“Challenge accepted” I replied.

Do I write a 2nd story about THAT? We’ll see.

It’s been a REALLY long time…

…since I posted anything at all. And I am back. Hopefully on a regular basis.

I am in need of this outlet. And from the look of the site statistics, so are you and many others! And that’s without keeping new posts rolling. Of course sex is the most searched, looked at, read topic online, so I shouldn’t be surprised. But at least it inspires me to keep writing.

I am going to work on my next post ASAP. It was a trip to Napa with a married co-worker, that was supposed to be a business trip to SF, but we ditched it, went to Napa and fucked the daylights (and nightlights) out of each other. And we had only kissed up to that point. So it was very exciting and I think worth writing about.

So off to work on it and hopefully I can get it posted soon.


Co-Workers Cum to a Conference

My co-worker and I were in D.C. for a conference. We had a booth and we’re working it together. We work in different cities but keep in touch pretty often via phone, email and instant message. While we’re very productive in our jobs, the flirting is relentless. She has a boyfriend and I’m recently divorced, so neither one of us is truly tied down (yet), but we still keep the flirting somewhat contained. It has never gotten sexual or dirty. We’ve met face-to-face twice prior to this conference.

The weather has been a big topic of discussion because on the 2nd day of this 3-day event, it started snowing hard. The expectation was 2 feet of snow in the next 24-36 hours. Many scrambled to try and leave early and get out of town, but we knew that were stuck until the end of the event.

We had gone out the first night with a group of vendors and suppliers and didn’t interact all that much together. After all, we spent all day together at the booth. Typically, as in most cases, the flirting in person, isn’t quite as strong as it is long distance, but we did our share.

As the 2nd day started to come to a close I asked her what the plans were for the night. Since we were out pretty late the night before and up early, she told me she was just going to get room service and curl up in her room and relax. No to mention the snow was building up pretty fast.

“Well at least join me for a drink at the hotel bar before you retire!” I challenge her. She grinned at me and nodded, “Deal!”

We found a small table for two in bar and ordered. I excused myself briefly to hit the head, but also to send over a round of what I knew were her favorite shots…Goldschlager! I came back and the shots were sitting on the table. “What the hell is this?” she asked as she smiled big. “It’s simply to wind down” I replied.

We toasted to success and a good time and did our shots.

Three shots later (for each of us), we were opening up about wild experiences and fantasies. The next thing I know, I feel her foot, with no high heel on, sliding up the inside of my leg. I tilt my head at her and say, “still up for some room service?” She replied with a deep, sultry, “hell yeaaaaaah!”

We made our way upstairs, groping and kissing wildly in the elevator. The other couple in there, just watched quietly.

Once in her room, she excused herself to the bathroom. This is that awkward moment, where I don’t know how comfortable to make myself. You’ve seen it on TV and movies, right? Where the guys is fidgeting around, trying to figure out the right amount of clothing to remove before she comes out. Well, I opted for none. Figured that was the cooler route to go.

I sat in the little chair in the corner of the room and paid attention as the bathroom door opened. She turned the corner and much to my pleasure, she did not have one stitch of clothing on. Can you say slow motion? If this were a movie, like Wayne’s World, Dreamweaver would have been playing as I watched her walk across the room. This woman is about 5″4″ with dark brown hair to the middle of her back, big brown eyes and in great shape. Her chest is is probably about a B cup (I’m going based on my vast experience – eye roll – yeah right!).

“Holy shit” is all that could come out of my mouth. My cock was getting very stiff, very fast. She wasted no time crawling up onto my lap, almost kneeling on me as she couldn’t really get her legs around mine, leaning down and kissing me deep. My hands grasped her beautifully round ass cheeks as her hair covered my face and head. Her hips grinding against me, I could feel the heat from her pussy against my cock right through my suit pants.

Now that I am practically bursting out of my pants, I tell her what I want her to do. She gets up for a moment so she can help me remove my pants and underwear. Then it was time for a little bit of acrobatics…and since she’s in incredible shape and did gymnastics growing up, she had no problem with 69ing me in the chair. She put her elbows on the arms of the chair and got her knees up over my shoulders. I laid back a little so she was almost laying on me, but still, she was practically upside down. She pushed her now soaked pussy back onto my face as she lowered her mouth on my swollen cock. Her arms reached down my legs and she held onto my legs, no longer using the chair for support.

Her mouth was pure magic on my cock, soft and wet, slow, deep pace while occasionally licking the length of me and sliding against her face. My arms were wrapped around her lower back and ass, spreading her cheeks as my tongue slid right into her hole. Her moans against my cock urged me to bury my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. I held her body in my arms as pulled my head back enough to make sure I licked every inch of her pussy, top bottom to top and on that hard clit. Alternating between light flutters with the tip of my tongue and forceful pressing of my tongue on it, grinding against it to the extreme…grabbing it between my teeth, sucking it in hard and making her scream aloud.

Relentlessly, I devoured her clit, wanting so bad for her to cum in this position and that’s exactly what I got. She pushed up planting her hands on my knees, arching her back up as I flicked her clit and pushed, two fingers inside of her. Her body shook. She squeezed her legs around my head and face and she screamed again….”FUUUUUCCCCCK!!!!!!!!!” Soaking my fingers and face. “Mmmmmmmm” I moaned against her as my breathing was as heavy as hers.

She almost growled at me…”let’s get fucking crazy” and she hopped up and pulled me out onto the balcony. It was fucking FREEZING, but regardless, my cock was bouncing up and down it was so hard. She stood behind, outside on the balcony, pressed up against me, reached around my and grabbed my cock hard and started to stroke furiosly. Still wet from her mouth adn the pre-cum dripping out of me, her hand slides easily back and forth and up and down my shaft. I moan loud out into the snowy, freezing night air. She pushes against me hard from behind, forcing me to the railing, my cock almost out between the rought iron posts. “I’m gonna cum!!!!!!!!” I announce out loud, and right there, throught he falling snow she pounds her hand in this amazing wraparound hand job and make sme shoot a lot of cum off the balcony.

She quickly pulls me back inside and shuts the door. We fall onto the bed together…our freezing skin pressed against each other, me laying on top of her, kissing and nibbling lips, neck and ears.

We went ahead and ordered food from room service. Ate in bed together, naked, feeding each other, which lead us to…

Part 2 coming…and it’ll include more cumming!